How To Set Up A Marketing Plan And Build An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Business

You might ask.

"Marketing and Selling?" 

"What is the major difference, if any?

Certainly the two terms aren’t the same.

 However as a small business owner, you need both to succeed.

Do you know that marketing must take a precedence before any other management activity?

You wonder why marketing is important.

 You wonder what marketing plan is and what an effective marketing strategy could be like?

This course takes you through a practical and real-world study of marketing management.

And it is a short course. Cut to what matters most.

This course covers the foundational thoughts of marketing as applicable to a small business

 -- whether it is a brick and mortar or online business. 

At The End Of This Course

  • You will be able to put together your marketing plan that SERVES your purpose.

  • You will be able to map out your marketing strategies for your small business.

What Makes This Course Different?

This is a mentoring course.
It is based on my over-30 years’ experience as a small business owner in various industries;
and sieved from my MBA background (since 1991.)

You get what have worked for me and others – as I have studied -- in many parts of the world;
in diverse industries.

So you have the essential stuff. No fluff of unnecessary lecture hours.

 These lessons are shared here with the student, in a free-flowing manner. 

Much as in the easy style of my books on Amazon and Free YouTube lessons.

They are skills you can apply once done with the course.

Now, before you read on…

This course is for Small-Business Owners. and the Solo Self-Employed

This course is NOT for you: 

*If you are a student, looking for academic theories on marketing. 

**If you are bothered so much about the accent
of the instructor rather than the content of the lessons.

***And again, what is shared here, are based on hands-on experience, that works in the real world of small business.

Other Skills You Will Learn In This Course

1. You will be able to set your marketing agenda for your business plan.

2. You will be able to identify and analyze your customer segment and niche.

3. You will get insights into how to manage changing trends and tastes in the market place.

4. You will be know what to look out for when analyzing an industry you want to operate.

5. You will be able to come up with your own unique selling proposition (USP) and how to position your products successfully in the mind of your target prospects.

6. You will be able to arrive at the “best price” for your product.

7. In test marketing lecture, you will see the guidelines you must follow to validate your products and services if they would be profitable or not.

8. Branding is not the logo as such, you will get an insight about how to brand your business.

9. You will see the place of both traditional media outlet and the internet media.

!0. You will get to know how to get skeptical prospects to embrace your services, ultimately.

11. You will see how you can leverage your sales and increase your turnover through some basic ideas.

12. You will get to know the tactics to build your sales team and tap into the hidden asset you never thought of.

13. You will get to do what most small businesses ignore that could make them more competitive; you will get an insight into this open secret.

14. You will know the best time to do your promos and how to go about it and what you must not do.

15. You will be able to identify what would determine success in your marketing efforts.

 And more…

Follow me, let us look at the lessons...

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to The Marketing Fundamentals Course for Small Business Owners

    • Marketing Versus Selling

  • 2

    The Marketing Plan

  • 3

    The Industry And Customer Analysis

    • Introduction to The Industry And Customer Analysis

    • Customer Segment Analysis

    • Trends And Tastes

    • Industry Analysis

    • Recap and Activity 2

    • Activity and Quiz 2

  • 4

    The Products And Services

    • Introduction to The Products And Services

    • How To Discover Your USP?

    • Service / Product Formulation

    • Making a Success Of Your Pricing

    • The Test Marketing

    • Perception and Positioning

    • Business Branding

    • Recap and Activity 3

    • Activity and Quiz 3

  • 5

    The Marketing Channels And Outlets

    • Introduction to the Marketing Channels and Outlets

    • The Physical Business Space and Location

    • The Traditional Media / Offline Activities

    • What Is Experiential Marketing?

    • Handling Your Public Relations

    • Digital And Internet Media

    • The Distribution Network

    • Recap and Activity 4

    • Activity and Quiz 4

  • 6

    Selling And Promotion Management

    • Introduction to Selling And Promotion Management

    • How To Get Your Customers?

    • Building A Sales Team

    • Managing Customer Relationship

    • Smart Ways To Increase Sales

    • How to Setup Effective Sales Promos

    • Recap and Activity 5

    • Activity and Quiz 5

  • 7

    7. Building Competitive Advantage

  • 8

    What Are We Evaluating?

  • 9


    • Overal Recap and Activity

  • 10


    • Audio Download of the Course & More

Watch Intro Video

Review of My Business Books on Amazon

By Channels TV, a highly respected television station in Nigeria.


  • Free Audios (Mp3)

    Free audio of all the lessons are available to download. For your listening devices (e.g. your car or phone)

  • Free Infographic

    (9) Nine Steps on how to retain your customer or clients.

Some Of Your Reservations Are Addressed:

  • You wonder why this course is short ?

    I know as a small business owner, you don’t have all that time

  • If you wonder if it’s something that you can put to practice immediately

    The answer is, Yes! The examples and illustrations demonstrates how you can do it.

  • You are wondering if the content can be relevant to your business, country or locale?

    The tactics are universal.

  • If you are bothered if the ideas here could derail your business

    I can’t be sure of how you put them to practice. I don’t have any control over that. But be rest assured the content have worked for me and for others I have observed over the years. (They have been painstakingly studied across the world.)

  • If you wonder about size and age of your business?

    Even if your business is doing well presently… Be assured you will pick a few additional ideas that could pleasantly surprise you. Successful and smart business owners strive to learn new nuances; across all industries and from other climes on a regular basis. I do. Aside from the course fee, additional knowledge is never a loss

  • “I can get all the information on the web and why would yours be better”, you say to yourself.

    But this course gives you an opportunity, to learn in a more organized and concise package. You are saved the sweat of going after disjointed resources, here and there.

  • What if you don’t enroll in this course now?

    It means you are happy with your current sales and marketing results. You are NOT desirous of additional knowledge. You never can tell; a few surprises that could save your business, thousands or millions, while keeping it financially stable! Someone said, “Always ask for advice. Keep a beginner’s mind. Always, be curious,” I cannot but agree. That’s how smart people thrive. And the secret is, doing it forever. It is fun.

Meet Your Instructor

Author, The Small Business Starter's Guide and Fast Track Your Business (on Amazon)


Muyiwa Osifuye has been a serial entrepreneur since 1994. He brings experience of over 30 years in "diverse industries", as a professional and as a small business owner. Muyiwa Osifuye had a degree in Optometry in 1984 from the University of Benin, Nigeria and an MBA in 1991 from the University of Lagos. In 2002, he also got a diploma from the New York Institute of Photography, USA. He has books published, available on Amazon; in his name and pen name. He has free content on YouTube targeted at the self-employed and those desirous of inspirational ideas about life. You will be able to read his thoughts and contributions on QUORA, MEDIUM, TWITTER and other platforms. You can also learn more at eMail: info[at]

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